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Our Mission

Hand in Hand has the dual mission of educating, inspiring and facilitating young people to be givers, whilst simultaneously alleviating the challenges of struggling individuals and families in our community, through providing practical support via our volunteers.


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Our Vision

Our vision is to see hundreds of local young people developing their skills and confidence while volunteering, and to ensure that anyone facing illness, disability, isolation or disadvantage is supported with sensitivity and care.


"Our volunteer came on Shabbos afternoon in the pouring rain. I cannot begin to describe to you the feelings that went through me when she walked in the door. Shabbos is particularly challenging with our daughter as she gets really frustrated and bored quickly, and when it rains it’s a million times more difficult. I know it was probably a challenging visit but I just want our volunteer to know that for me it was a time out where I could gather the physical, emotional and mental energy to get back in the game and finish up the day in one piece. Thank you for making our lives that bit more manageable".

Mother of a child with special needs

” I just wanted to say… Thank you so much for organizing everything for us. You sort all the details. I feel so organised when I get informed where I can volunteer. Its so simple and clear, everything runs smoothly. Thank you for the taxis. It feels so cool to volunteer.”


“The residents are amazing, they are so nice, they teach us valuable life lessons, they really treat you as if you were their grandchildren. We love singing to them and they sing along. We end up leaving with a smile on both our faces.”

Care home volunteer
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